Zoom calls, remote working, social distancing... the pandemic has dramatically impacted the ways in which we work. We spoke with Dominique Chainee Bell, Paid Social Manager at Fluid Commerce, about how the hiring process for her company has been affected, how working with The Candidate has helped, and advice for any other companies in a similar position.


Have you found working with a recruitment agency helps negate any problems that have arisen due to the pandemic?

As we are now no longer as restricted geographically, our search parameters are much wider and, at times, we've found ourselves overwhelmed with the number of candidates applying. Working with a recruitment agency helps narrow the much broader talent pool.


Do you think the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the hiring process for your business?

While nothing beats meeting people in person, being able to offer candidates virtual interviews for at least one stage of the hiring process will be here to stay. Candidates are much more flexible with their time if they don’t have to commute to and from the office to attend the first interview. This means we can see more people more quickly, can move on quickly, or can get them in for a second round more quickly. It’s less risky and more time effective for the candidate and for ourselves.


Any advice to other businesses hiring during this time?

2021 is here, and with it a whole new era in hiring. Now is the perfect time for businesses to re-evaluate their recruitment processes. Virtually recruiting remote workers is the new norm for many, and offering upskilling and development plans are crucial if you want to attract the right people. Embracing the new workplace flexibility is what has helped us through the past year and a half, and we would recommend everyone incorporates  this into their company culture in order to remain an attractive place to work.


Thank you so much for your insights Dominique!

Has the pandemic changed the way your business recruits new talent? Let us know!


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