Do you work in an agency in any of the following sectors? Or maybe you have a department which specialises in the following for you? Manchester Metropolitan University's Business School can offer you free resource, yes free!


  • Marketing Management
  • Advertising & Brand Management
  • PR & Digital
  • Retail Marketing

More and more, employers are looking for graduates with experience from work placements or sandwich years. The likelihood is that they are more likely to settle and understand the demands which will be put on them. It can reduce dropout rate and increase efficiency when recruiting at this level. But how can employers expect this without offering something back in return? Only as employers can you make the decision to offer work experience and placements. So that's where MMU's Agency life comes in.

Acting as a host agency, employers will host 6 students, across the course of the week for a half day per student. So that's each student doing between ½ a day and a whole day per week learning real life working culture and helping in the meantime. Its real life work placement for them, they need to abide by the same rules as other employees and by giving them professional development they can help you!

You could:

  • Have the whole team in at once?
  • Maybe you could have 1 student in per day (with 2 on one day making up the 6)-         
  • They could work on some charity work you've promised
  • Maybe you just need an extra pair of hands?
  • Or maybe have individual tasks?
  • Or have them come in pairs?

Want to know more? David Edmundson-Bird is holding a "Parents Evening" at MMU on Thursday 9th August at 18:00 for employers to attend and find out more information.

I'll be there too as an employer in need of a set of hands or 6! It would be great to catch up. 


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