We support people to take the next step in their careers and we hear more and more about the challenges of stepping up. We spoke to Herdy Ramanuj about his change from Digital Practitioner to Digital Manager.

Herdy has over 6 years of experience and is and currently Head of Paid Social for Manchester-based agency, Return. He has progressed through the ranks and now leads a team and develops strategy for clients across a multitude of industries including fashion, interior design, travel, hobbies & crafts and finance.  


What have been the benefits and what do you enjoy about managing?
I've yet to find a greater feeling than the pride you feel from seeing a member of your team grow and develop based on your tutelage. It's a feeling that is equal to none, to know that you are responsible for the bettering of an individual and seeing said individual thrive, is what will keep you hooked in management for years to come. It's also worth noting that the experience and intelligence you gain from leading a team is not restricted to purely management, but you'll find that one’s channel knowledge also strengthens.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about taking the step up?
Ask yourself ‘do you really want to manage?’ As delivery marketers, we will eventually reach a crossroads. Do you continue down the specialism path or do you look to move into management? Both are just as lucrative when considering salary packages. However, each path has unique positives and negatives. Lay those out in front of you, and then decide which path you wish to take. 

5 top tips on being a successful manager.

It's difficult to summarise the experience I've gained from my mentors, my team, my clients and myself into five points, however, I'm going to try: 

- Lead from the front - be the example you wish to set for the team. 

- The best manager knows when to lead with the heart and when to lead with the mind.

- Always adhere to your organised meetings, let your team know that you take their time seriously. 

- Never let your emotion come in the way of your responsibility. 

- A happy manager usually leads to a happy team!

Thank you Herdy for sharing your insight with us!

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