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Our new Digital Marketing report has highlighted some interesting variations in salary expectations amongst respondents - expectations largely based on their current position.

On one hand the majority of the senior management felt that salaries would only increase in line with inflation. This contrasted with the majority of junior digital marketers who felt salaries would increase by 5-10% over the next twelve months.

Wishful thinking on either side perhaps with management seeking to keep costs under control and junior staff, recognising current recruitment challenges and placing a premium value on technical skills, expecting improved rates.

Clearly there are implications should either prove to be wholly correct. A low single digit %age salary increase might well see current recruitment and retention difficulties exacerbated as fewer graduates choose to enter digital marketing. This in itself would likely force salaries to rise to meet an even greater subsequent skills shortage.

Large %age salary increases at the outset though could lead to wages spiralling out of control especially if talent continues to remain scarce.

It's a delicate balance. As is usually the case reality is likely to be found somewhere between the two extremes.

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