Mike is an experienced Senior Creative / Art Director with a long history of working in the advertising & marketing industry. Skilled in art direction, logo design, branding & identity, and graphic design, he has kindly run us through his experience and time working with The Candidate.

Mike Watson, Art Director


Katy, our Creative and Contract Recruitment Manager, says:

Mike is just one example of a freelancer that has taken the contract world by the horns and now is in control of who he works with, what he works on, and when he works.

If you are keen to find out more about how to emulate Mike and get into the freelance world, here is my advice:


Here you will see all the latest jobs hot off the press and won’t miss any upcoming freelance or contract opportunities


  • Update your CV and portfolio/showreel, and whip it into shape

It’s often hard to carve out time between work and life to do this, but it’s important that clients see the very best version of you straight away

Only put your best work in your portfolio – don’t shove things in there just to bulk it out

Work out what you want to say – are you specialising in a certain area, or do you want to showcase a broad skillset? This will determine what projects you include in your portfolio


That way, we have all your details on file in case a new position that matches your skillset becomes available!


  • Get in touch with me!

I can guide you through freelancing and offer advice on what the market looks like, the paperwork you might need, rates, and IR35 legislation, plus a whole lot more! Call 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected] for some free and friendly advice!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Katy also recorded a great video running through the things to consider before you go freelance - you can watch that here!)


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