Have you got a desire to learn new skills? Are you interested in technology and keen to understand the way computers work? Well CodeUp Manchester may be the event you've just been waiting for! This is your opportunity to develop a new skill and possibly start a new career in digital!

CodeUp Manchester is an innovative mentoring programme for adults (18+) who want to learn how to code and what makes it even more special is that it's all for FREE! Teams of passionate and dedicated volunteers arrange this meet the 4th Wednesday of every month, which gives you chance to meet coding experts and learn the basics of the practice. If you're already a coding fanatic with an existing basic skill set, you can still attend and meet the experts who will set challenges and help you expand on your basic coding skills.

The CodeUp session will include guest speakers from industry leaders such as, Tom Taylor from, so you really will be learning from the best.

If this sounds like an event you would enjoy or benefit from, then do not miss the upcoming nights to learn or develop a new talent!

CodeUp Manchester are a community and they run events and organise meet-ups for developers at all levels.

Check out the CodeUp website for more information and dates.




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