Roma Sachak-Patwa joined The Candidate recently as an Analytics Recruitment Executive. We asked her what is has been like and what is next. 

How did you hear about The Candidate and end up bagging the role?
Having completed my degree in Geography and Geology, I had no idea what career path I wanted to take after graduating. Turning to LinkedIn, I was approached by Emma Burke – Agency Recruitment Manager here at The Candidate. She gave me an insight into not only the recruitment industry, but The Candidate and how they do things differently compared to other recruitment agencies.



For anyone who doesn't know what kind of roles do you recruit for and what value can they add to a business?

Analytics plays a huge role in improving consumer engagement and developing business growth and can come in a variety of forms - user research, customer insight and optimisation analytics to name a few.  No matter what industry a company is in, analytics is ubiquitous as it’s necessary to move a company forward.

For those working in analytics, they often have insight into the direction a market is heading before anyone else. For example, they are able to see where consumers are spending their money and forecast trends for future spending patterns. Although I’m still getting to grips with some of the technical jargon used in the analytics world, I’m beginning to understand its importance and where it’s used in our day-to-day lives.

What has it been like since you started?

Since starting at the Candidate I feel that I made the right decision in choosing to work here! As soon as I joined, I was immediately thrown into the deep end, having to pick up the phone and speak to potential candidates. As daunting as this was, this helped me get to where I am now – having now seen the whole recruitment process through and successfully made a placement!  

The Candidate is unique in that the ‘salesy’ corporate culture that’s often associated with recruitment couldn’t be further from the reality of what it’s like working here.

Job hunting as a graduate can be a daunting. It is important to take the time to find somewhere with not only the right job for you, but also a working environment with people you can see yourself spending everyday. 


We are hiring, so if like Roma you like the sound of Recruitment at The Candidate, get in touch! Call or email our expert recruitment team on 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected]

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