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Marketing Jobs

Welcome to The Candidate, we offer the best marketing roles in Manchester and the North West to career hungry candidates like you. This is our bread and butter. What gives you confidence in us shouldn't only be the testimonials which we have from our client and candidate base, but also that our Managing Partner has launched a successful advertising agency!

Marketing covers such a very wide range of roles that it can be easy to get lost at either the entry point to the sector or whether you are going to develop your career further within it. Ultimately the marketing of any business and its products is crucial to the success of it and the vast majority invest heavily in it. Whether it's attracting the most customers to sell your products, building the next big brand or ensuring that you have a fully functional website, then this is the sector for you.

Our specialism is digital marketing and it is genuinely a great place to be. Just look at the figures. Year on year, retailers continue to experience double digital growth in sales and leads and the demand for skilled employees to assist in the development and deployment of strategy is significant. Currently the supply of jobs outweighs the number of candidates so it is a great sector to be working within. You should be talking to the right agency and the type of move which you'd like to make and how to climb the ladder to get the best roles. Just have a look at our Digital Marketing survey and the results posted here. It will give you an idea of what the industry looks like and how you can make the most of it.

We appreciate that it is a small world within the media and marketing industry and we can talk to you and uphold confidence in any decision which you make. Trust us to be sensitive to your requirements and advise you professionally on the next step.

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