2 weeks left to learn all about Digital and Social Media Marketing

Have you seen this MOOC?!We wrote a blog all about the Digital and Social Media Marketing massive online open course (MOOC) back in July, it now has over 11,000 people signed up and is very popular on the iversity website.

MOOC 240

This is a 6 week online course produced by five international universities (UK, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland and Lithuania) started late September, and offers 6 weeks of studying around digital marketing and social media marketing.

With only 2 weeks left until the MOOC finishes take this as a little reminder as to why you should be signed up and why you should be interacting with the course. It is it for anyone looking to develop their digital and social media marketing skills and will be collaboratively working together with over 11,500 online students learning the ins and outs of Digital Marketing.

So, what will you learn?

-          Why Digital and Social Media Marketing is important today and in the future

-          Understanding the different nature of digital channels based on geographic and demographic factors

-          Buyer persona development

-          How campaigns fit into a wider implantation of the overall organisation strategy

-          Choosing the right digital profiles for the right audience

-          The importance of ongoing monitoring and learning from your engagement

Off of this you will also get examples from real industry practitioners on how to use Digital Marketing today. 

Why is this important?

The budget for the digital marketing industry is rapidly growing, causing a major skills shortage in the industry and it needs people like you to grow with it! The opportunity is finally here for you to fill this gap. You will get a first look into the similarities and differences when it comes to digital marketing in different countries which is key for both, students and organisations.

This course promises to develop your knowledge and skill set, whether you are an organisation or a student hoping to enhance your employability skills.

Studying from the comfort of your own home… What sounds more appealing than that?! Enrol online for FREE  today.

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It didn’t take long to build rapport with Laura, as her excellent communication skills shone through from the start. She placed me in my most recent position and was very thorough in liaising between myself and my prospective employer at the time - an often understated skill. Moving to a new city for the position at short notice was not going to be easy, but Laura made sure I was as informed and prepped as possible when going through the interview stages and seemed to always have my best interests at heart. One of the most personable recruiters I have worked with, and I will certainly be calling her first when I am considering changing position again!

Michael, CRM Manager, July 2017