Family & Friends Are The Biggest Barrier When Relocating

Shutterstock _143660524The recent research we commissioned that set out to uncover the reasons for the digital skills shortage, has revealed statistics that suggest family and friends are the main reasons stopping candidates relocating for work.  

31% of those surveyed said they would dismiss a relocation package in favour of staying close to friends and 24% said they would need to consider how this would affect their partner and family.

Often, moving for a job can lead to greater opportunities and responsibilities however the implications which it can cause for a family can be a big issue. It is important to many potential candidates that the new area they are moving to is not solely desirable for the job, and that it has other things to offer in terms of schools for their children or potential work for their partner.

Despite this, many candidates surveyed said they would seriously consider moving for a job if they were offered the right relocation package to help ease the move.

With a lack of relocation packages on offer from employers, this could be a perfect opportunity for businesses to open up their employee searches to a wider market, and through this, ensure they are getting the very best candidates to fill their roles.

The survey suggests that an emphasis on other benefits wider than the job are essential in creating an attractive relocation package for potential employees, including extras like flexible hours that offer candidates the opportunity to work from home, childcare vouchers, or offering a more appealing salary - all of which will maximise the chances of making a successful recruitment decision. 

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