August 2013: Top Candidates


This candidate is looking for a SEO focussed position where they can further develop their career. Currently employed as a SEO programmer, their current role involves handling the responsibilities for implementing a range of SEO campaigns on behalf of their clients. The current role is very hands-on, involves liaising with clients, taking briefs and reporting back. Their salary expectations are £25k and they are available for interview at short notice.

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A recent re-locater to Manchester, this candidate is looking to progress within a media career. The candidate is an experienced media professional with a track record of managing a range of clients for a large global advertising brand. They have experience managing campaigns across all specialisms including TV, broadcast, digital and cinema. They would be an asset to any client facing team. Salary expectations of £25k and the candidate is immediately available.

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With over three years' experience in their current role, this candidate is responsible for social media across various platforms for one of the largest brands in the UK. In addition to this, they are well versed in SEO and analytics. Their salary expectations are £25k and they are available on a 4-week notice period.

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I couldn't recommend Stevie and also Jack at the candidate enough during the process of acquiring my new position. His friendly, relaxed, but very professional approach really helped in preparing for the interview process and put any nerves I had to bed. I really appreciated the regular updates of progression from start to finish and never felt out of the loop or in the dark. I would definitely approach Stevie again if I seek further employment he and The Candidate provide an excellent service.

Stephen, February 2017