Are you an Accidental Marketer?

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So how did you land your digital marketing role? A carefully executed career plan? An expertly applied employment strategy? Or did it just happen? Are you an accidental marketer? 

One of the most revealing insights of our new digital marketing survey is the revelation that most digital marketers, instead of pursuing a tried and tested graduate employment path, simply fell into their role. More than half in fact, developing and sharpening their digital marketing skills 'on the job'.

Until now it's often been the case that an aptitude for, and interest in digital marketing has been enough to lead people into their current position.


Supply - for one, there are insufficient numbers of suitably qualified graduates out there.

Also agencies' inability to develop talent. It would seem that many agencies could do much more to identify and nurture that talent.

The 25% digital marketers who join the industry via work experience might offer a strong clue to digital agencies struggling to attract and retain talent. Looking at developing some of the concepts and best practices of work experience themselves perhaps.


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I couldn't recommend Stevie and also Jack at the candidate enough during the process of acquiring my new position. His friendly, relaxed, but very professional approach really helped in preparing for the interview process and put any nerves I had to bed. I really appreciated the regular updates of progression from start to finish and never felt out of the loop or in the dark. I would definitely approach Stevie again if I seek further employment he and The Candidate provide an excellent service.

Stephen, February 2017