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With the North West vying with London to be the Media hub of the UK, we ask ourselves how media recruitment specialists such as ourselves support the demands of this growing sector.

It has become evident that within this digital age there is a lack of skilled media professionals. With the recruitment companies circling and at times creating a cannibalistic effect by assisting candidates move from competitor to competitor, we know that this can only lead to a limited marketplace.

Thus it is necessary for both employers and recruitment agencies to create a partnership with their clients to enable them to be fully effective. When a consultancy understands your business they can with confidence relay the true benefits of joining your organisation onto prospective employees.  We can also be more selective in the filtering of unsuitable applicants, freeing up your interview time to focus on the candidate.  

It is vital for a client with a specific requirement to deal with a company that understands exactly what they are looking for. This way new talent can be approached in complimentary sectors or approach those who are relocating therefore growing the marketplace for everyone.

Our responsibility is to manage expectations on both sides to remove any concerns ensuring when a candidate becomes an employee the relationship is both professional and positive from the outset. 

We as recruitment professionals need to support the growing pains of this vibrant sector by the following six key actions:

1) Assist with current market values to attract top candidates

2) Support the new generation with guided career paths

3) Provide a streamlined recruitment process (reducing on time spent studying applicants' CV's)

4) Manage a candidate's expectation for their next move

5) Provide a rebate system protecting your investment

6) Provide an open, honest and ethical service


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us whether you are an employer or a candidate for a deserved professional service.

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It didn’t take long to build rapport with Laura, as her excellent communication skills shone through from the start. She placed me in my most recent position and was very thorough in liaising between myself and my prospective employer at the time - an often understated skill. Moving to a new city for the position at short notice was not going to be easy, but Laura made sure I was as informed and prepped as possible when going through the interview stages and seemed to always have my best interests at heart. One of the most personable recruiters I have worked with, and I will certainly be calling her first when I am considering changing position again!

Michael, CRM Manager, July 2017