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Advances in the digital world over the past decade have brought social media platforms to the forefront of everyone's lives and is now an integral part of the customer journey. Social Media interactions is not just an option for businesses today, it is a marketing necessity. For many of your new and existing customers, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are their first port of call for information about your company. With this in mind. It is vital you have a reliable social media team to engage consumers and keep things moving.  

Take advantage of our experienced team:

Here at The Candidate, we have experience placing Social Media experienced candidates with our clients since our launch. Whether you need help with social networking sites, forums, blogs or other content communities, our dedicated team can help you find applicants with a range of relevant social media experience. As this element of the online marketing industry is relatively undeveloped, finding the right candidate can be challenging. We can help identify the right candidate regardless of their varied background to assess whether their skills are relevant to fulfil your social media brief.

The specification varies for the different type of candidate which you are bringing into your business and the type of PPC roles that we have recruited for have included:  

  • Social Media Executive - this role will require someone with a real passion for social media, they will be up to date with all the latest trends. They will have great written and presentation skills and a broad knowledge of social media channels.  
  • Social Media Manager - would have a wealth of experience utilising social media to implement effective campaigns. This candidate will be responsible for delivering the strategy and working with PR and marketing teams to develop integrated campaigns.
  • Social Media Content Writer -will develop compelling content to be shared via online properties and social media networks. For this role copywriting skills and creativity is a must to be able to successfully engage with customers.
  • Social Media Marketer -would implement social media strategy and understand how it integrates with other channels. They will develop viral and social content surrounding to further clients campaigns.

We know the importance of Social Media

We advertise roles on a wide range of online platforms, including social media itself, in order to obtain as many possible applicants to choose from. This gives us a greater opportunity to find an individual who has the required experience and skill set as well as attributes that will complement your brand's work ethic. Whether you require a candidate with minimal experience to mould to your way of working, or an experienced social media guru, we can find you the ideal person to suit the role requirements.

We would be happy to talk about any requirements from a social media perspective and talk about the wide range of candidates which we have available at this time and are all looking to pursue a career within the social media industry.

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It didn’t take long to build rapport with Laura, as her excellent communication skills shone through from the start. She placed me in my most recent position and was very thorough in liaising between myself and my prospective employer at the time - an often understated skill. Moving to a new city for the position at short notice was not going to be easy, but Laura made sure I was as informed and prepped as possible when going through the interview stages and seemed to always have my best interests at heart. One of the most personable recruiters I have worked with, and I will certainly be calling her first when I am considering changing position again!

Michael, CRM Manager, July 2017