Client Services recruitment

We should be the agency which you work with in order to receive quality candidates for Client Services or Project Manager roles. Whether you come from a client side background, advertising agency or creative agency, we have the proven experience, knowledge and skills to help develop your business in this area.

Use our experience and expertise

As this type of role tends to be less tangible than a hands-on marketing role, we will use all of our experience and skills to ensure that they have adequately proven themselves in the past. Taking references from their previous employers as well as suppliers or clients they have previously dealt with is very important and mandatory for us. Employers have hired the wrong type of person too many times in roles such as this and as your clients are ultimately the most important part of your business, we will get this right for you.

Client Services positions may be harder to fill than you think

Our research which can be found here demonstrated that client handling skills are extremely sought after in the region. Particularly in digital marketing where technology and systems come and go, what we regard as good old fashioned soft client handling skills are very important. Clear communication from the agency comes through skilled people in this area and it is too often overlooked. This ranges from the need for a good level of analysis to detailing project requirements and successful relationship management.

We'd be very happy to have a detailed conversation with you about the requirements for a good client services candidate. Trust us through the successful placements we have made in recruiting candidates for clients and advertising agencies across the North West.

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Laura is one of those rare recruiters that takes the time to really understand both the business and recruit to make sure they're the perfect fit through exhaustive prep, screening, research but also an uncanny understanding of what people really want. I can't recommend her enough for her professionalism and patience.

Finn, Candidate, November 2017