Top 5 Social Media Tips for Job Hunting!

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In this blog Brian, Managing Partner here at The Candidate shares his 5 quick tips for using social media to assist in your job search. They're so good, The Sun featured them in their employment section! 

Our 5 Top Tips:

  1. LinkedIn is the leading social channel for finding a job. Create a profile & start connecting. This is your opportunity to show your skill set and your personality.
  2. Use Twitter & LinkedIn to build your online network - start following & engaging with companies you want to work for. It's likely they will post vacancies online so it's a great way to hear about jobs first!
  3. Make your social media profiles employer friendly or restrict what others can see! Data from a recent recruitment survey revealed 93% of employers will view applicant's social profiles before making a decision.
  4. Have a voice in your online community. Post and share things of interest to the industry you want to work in and join in conversations.
  5. Try using a social media management tool such as Tweetdeck. With this tool you can set up custom lists such as 'Companies I want to work for' with all the employers Twitter handles as well as specific hashtags such as #jobs #Manchester which will pull all of the relevant posts into one list. It's a simple way of sorting through all the Twitter noise. However if Tweetdeck isn't your thing, you can create simple lists on Twitter! 

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It didn’t take long to build rapport with Laura, as her excellent communication skills shone through from the start. She placed me in my most recent position and was very thorough in liaising between myself and my prospective employer at the time - an often understated skill. Moving to a new city for the position at short notice was not going to be easy, but Laura made sure I was as informed and prepped as possible when going through the interview stages and seemed to always have my best interests at heart. One of the most personable recruiters I have worked with, and I will certainly be calling her first when I am considering changing position again!

Michael, CRM Manager, July 2017