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5 tips to how you can create your personal social media strategy and become more attractive on the job market

Social Media Tips

We are branding ourselves every day on social media and as a recruitment agency; we know how important your image is, when you are searching for a job!

'Employers will automatically look at someone's social media presence before inviting them for an interview, in fact 74% of Managers have looked at social media profiles to see if they display good behaviour on social media, according to Rachel Miller, The Start Up Donut.

Most of us after a networking event, will look someone up on LinkedIn. This is why its highly important to have a social media presence, which you are proud of. Sometimes it is your first and only impression to employers and can be critical in the decision making process around whether or not you are hired.'  Brian Matthews, MD at The Candidate.

We have listed 5 tips for you to build up a personal strategy and brand yourself to become attractive to your future employer!


You have probably heard a lot of stories of people who have lost their jobs because of social media scandals - Do not let that discourage you!
Identify your audience for each platform and distinguish your professional and personal network. This will assist you posting the right content to the right people without you getting in trouble!

We have a four 'F' rule = keep Family & Friends For Facebook!


Once you know the audience for each social media account then make sure you share and post content, which is relevant for each audience.  

Retweet your favourite company and show your interest in what they do or even write a blog that would grab their attention! Keep personal posts for Facebook, stay professional on LinkedIn and share quick news about you and your interests on Twitter!


Identify the right people in the company you want to work for and follow them on twitter, view their LinkedIn profile (so they notice you as well!) and have a look at their blog and check out their interests. Know as much as you can about the person who will interview you or the decision maker of the company - maybe you have some mutual people in your network!


Are you trying to get your head around 1, 2 & 3? Do not worry, point 4 does the work for you!
Organising tools like TWEETDECK and HOOTSUITE are not only for the industry. You can use it yourself! Schedule your tweets or posts for the rest of the day, while your coffee is brewing or on your way to work. Show your network that you are active on industry trends and news, which further illustrates a vast awareness, which attracts future employers!


PR, Digital or IT enthusiast? Stalk the company you want to work for! Show your face through social media before you send off your CV and let them know you are out there. Maybe they will recognise your name as soon they see your CV?

Did you know that you can contact The Candidate if you need any advice about employment and how to become more attractive on the job market? We have award winning recruiters waiting to help you with any advice you need! 


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