Candidate Case Study - Samantha Mo

In 2016 The Candidate helped hundreds of people with their careers and one of them was Samantha Mo. Samantha was placed by us at ASDA as a Digital Marketing Co-Ordinator. We asked her to answer some questions on her new role and motivations followed by 5 top tips on securing a role like hers! This is what she had to say!

Why is your new role so interesting for you? 
Working at ASDA has given me the opportunity to increase not only my digital skills but my management skills. It is is extremely fast-paced and there have been times where I’ve been given challenges that I’ve never come across before. No day is ever the same here. It has also offered me high involvement in accounts in terms of decision-making and strategic planning which has enriched my digital skills and knowledge.

What were looking for in a new role from both a work and a personal point of view?
Progression and more involvement in the industry I work in.

What interests you most about the industry that you work in?
I am interested in the fast paced element, and the continuously new and changing sector.

What sort of person does best in the role that you are in?
An individual who is keen to learn and has a positive attitude even through the lows. The individual needs to be quite thick skinned to be able to get their point across if they truly believe what is right.

What preparation should people do early in their career to prepare for the role that you are in?
Be as involved as possible with the planning and strategy side of digital marketing. Also accept any challenges that come your way and to start to lead conversations and discussions.

What are the highlights are of working in a role such as yours?
The company is amazing to work for and there are so many perks to working for ASDA, the role I’m in gives you so much control and ownership of an important part of ASDA. It allows you to think for yourself as well as become better at decision making.

What are the challenges that people can expect in that role?
There are a lot of individuals that you need to please and some days that can be quite challenging. There are many stakeholders that you’re in contact with who don’t know a lot about digital marketing. The biggest challenge is explaining and convincing them that the strategy you’ve suggested will work. It’s great when it does!

What added value do you get from a recruitment agency such as The Candidate? 
The ease of recruitment. Having somebody there who knows where to look and who can match jobs up to your skill set. It’s also nice to have somebody to talk to before and after interviews as these can be quite nerving times!

Finally, Top 5 tips on securing a role in the digital sector:

  1. Be confident in your abilities
  2. Never be afraid to push your ideas and be proud of any achievements
  3. Always know and be up to date with industry developments, reading a few articles from Marketing Week or Search Engine Land keeps you fresh about the newest developments in this constantly changing environment
  4. Never be afraid to suggest new ideas if the question pops up in an interview
  5. Have a positive attitude and be open to working on new areas!

Is there anything else that you’d like to mention, or advice that you’d like to offer?
I would definitely recommend going through a recruitment agency as it makes the process so much easier and less stressful in finding a job!

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It didn’t take long to build rapport with Laura, as her excellent communication skills shone through from the start. She placed me in my most recent position and was very thorough in liaising between myself and my prospective employer at the time - an often understated skill. Moving to a new city for the position at short notice was not going to be easy, but Laura made sure I was as informed and prepped as possible when going through the interview stages and seemed to always have my best interests at heart. One of the most personable recruiters I have worked with, and I will certainly be calling her first when I am considering changing position again!

Michael, CRM Manager