Businesses need to boost salaries by 20% when recruiting outside of their postcode

Rural Location Jobs

Rural and provincial jobs are suffering from wage inflation due to their location, our latest research has revealed.

67% of the 1,000 job seekers surveyed said they would only relocate to an obscure or rural location if they were offered more than a 20% salary increase.

Our study, into the reasons for the digital skills shortage, showed that it takes above market increases in salaries to incentivise people to move away from cities.

Employers should keep in mind that more rural locations hold additional barriers when trying to recruit candidates from other postcodes. Being away from major transport links and distances from amenities and schools can all be deciding factors for candidates considering moving to a location outside of the city.

Limited access to childcare can also provide restrictions for those taking up these kind of employment opportunities, with research released earlier this year by The Countryside Living Index finding families living in rural areas pay £600 more per year for childcare.

A package that includes a childcare offering, for example, is likely to boost your chances of recruiting the best talent in your sector if your office is based outside a city. It will also be a pulling factor for job seekers if your package offers transport options, as it takes one issue out of the mix.

Introducing an attractive relocation package for potential employees may be one way to avoid wage inflation issues, as some of the things that candidates may be anxious about when moving for a new job will be taken care of. 

Read the full report here.

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