Quite simply, The Candidate was formed due to market demand from both clients and candidates for a better quality of service. We can offer this by merging recruitment and media backgrounds with both experience and talent.


Colin Telford

Colin Telford - Managing Partner

Colin has over 16 years experience working in agencies and built a real skill for accurately identifying client's requirements and delivering them within their respective markets. Whether it's maximising volume of online leads driven from media owners for Marks & Spencer Financial Services or increasing quality of customer driven from affiliate sites for eBay, he can be sure to meet their needs. Now having successfully turned his hand to recruitment, Colin is The Candidate's Media Specialist with ample market understanding to meet any brief. 

Likes: White wine, Australia, Horse Racing, Festivals, Family

Dislikes: Milk, Laziness, Mosquitoes, Dub step, Gin, American Sitcoms

Brian Matthews

Brian Matthews - Managing Partner

Brian has over 16 years recruitment experience across all sectors. Having managed and developed recruitment consultants and managers alike for 14 years. Taking a pride in his long standing relationships with candidates and clients, he is keen to bring his ethos, passion and drive into the media marketing recruitment. The Candidate has been launched with the focus being on all businesses most valuable commodity- its people. By combining his recruitment knowledge and Colin's media background, they believe that they will create a tailored service. Brian regularly contributes to job hunting resources such as The Sun newspaper employment section, Total Jobs and The Candidate blog to name a few.  

Likes: Thai Food, Man United, Playing Golf Poorly, Running Marathons and Beer

Dislikes: Lateness, Negativity, Marmite, Gin, Queuing for Anything

Laura Walters

Laura Walters - eCommerce Recruitment Director

Laura joins The Candidate with 10 years' experience working in the media sales and advertising industry; in this time she has built up a solid contact base with agencies and clients alike.

Having established the Northern Digital media sales operation for one of the UK's biggest sales houses, Laura has a wealth of experience building and nurturing relationships through impeccable client service and management.

For Laura, it's about finding the right candidate for her client, rather than a race to get a CV out of the door. She prides herself on being a great judge of character and has an ability to accurately assess a person's needs and abilities, always determined to find the perfect client-candidate fit.

Likes: Animals, good food and any wine, country pursuits, 90's music, Filofaxes, Italy and The Cotswolds

Dislikes: Animal cruelty, being unorganised, traffic jams, time wasters and bad manners

Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke - Recruitment Operations Director

Simon has over 7 years experience in the recruitment industry and brings a wealth of experience and contacts to The Candidate.

Having previously worked for two of the UK's major recruitment brands he has joined the team here with a focus on candidate service. With a firm belief that recruitment is a candidate driven market, Simon brings with him his experience in developing long term relationships with candidates to ensure they receive the attention and care they deserve when searching for a new position. 

Likes: Food, Wine, Music, Football, Books,

Dislikes: Mushrooms, Wind and Rain (at the same time!), Bad Manners, Jeremy Kyle!

Caldon Henson

Caldon Henson - eCommerce Recruitment Manager

Caldon joins The Candidate with 3 years B2B sales experience within eCommerce and the digital market. Having serviced and worked for a number of digital businesses, he has a strong understanding of the eCommerce marketplace and an excellent knowledge of the day to day running of online businesses. Caldon has a real interest in all things digital, and likes to keep up with all the latest trends in the industry.

Caldon is a keen sportsman which unpins his competitive nature and desire to excel and be best. A quality which will only strengthen The Candidates reputation, as the leading digital marketing recruitment agency.

Likes: Football, Theatre, Art, Music Festivals, Food, Comedy Store

Dislikes: The Cold, Losing, Celery, Washing up, Hangovers

Amy-Leigh Cluskey

Amy-Leigh Cluskey - Agency Recruitment Consultant

Amy-Leigh works as part of the recruitment team, she joins The Candidate with a degree in Public Relations and Media as well as real life industry experience. With her knowledge of the media landscape and passion for the industry she is focused on identifying the right candidates for our clients and the right clients for our candidates. 

Likes: Pinot Grigio Cities Heatwaves Pizza Holidays Thriller Movies Being Organised

Dislikes: Having no hot water Laziness Being in a rush Cats

Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson - Senior Recruitment Operations Co-ordinator

Originally an English graduate, I found my way into recruitment through the Education sector. Having spent 18 months working in recruitment, I have a solid knowledge of the recruitment process, and possess the organisational skills to progress in this job market. Many of the skills gained from my time as a Recruitment Consultant are easily transferrable to the position of Recruitment Operations Co-ordinator.

The most important thing to me is finding the right candidate for the right job - which is the main thing that drew me to The Candidate.

Likes: Cats, Penguins, Football, Beer, Gigs, Sarcasm,

Dislikes: Lies, Malibu, Mushrooms, Sharks

Simon Rigby

Simon Rigby - Senior eCommerce Recruitment Consultant

Simon joins The Candidate after 5 years in broadcast sales. He has sold advertising space to largely branded media agencies throughout Manchester and wanted a different career path, so he is transferring his skills of working closely with our valuable eCommerce clients and excellent candidates!

Outside of work Simon enjoys a good pint in the pub watching Manchester United, but has to keep up his health as he swims competitively for Trafford Metro Swimming Club 3 to 4 times a week.

Likes: Manchester United, Gym, Swimming, Tequila & Beer

Dislikes: Prawns, Mushrooms, Hangovers & Losing

Jack Such

Jack Such - Recruitment Consultant

Jack joins The Candidate after taking a Summer Internship here, and loved the fast paced working environment and the team!

He quickly got the sense for recruitment and is now our Recruitment Consultant. Jack searches for and fits candidates with the job vacancies our clients have. He monitors multiple channels in order to find talented individuals, who can thrive within the positions whilst also finding the ideal role for our candidates

Jack is currently working with us during his studies at Salford University where he studying a Marketing degree. Outside of work and studies, Jack is a keen Rugby player and loves playing gigs with his band. 

Likes: Rugby, Football, Guitars, Sunshine, Lie Ins

Dislikes: Man City, Traffic Jams, Ignorance, Cold and rainy match days

Melanie Telford

Melanie Telford - Marketing and Operations Executive

Melanie is a Marketing Executive at The Candidate with over 5 year's experience in human resources and project implementation. She looks after the website and The Candidate's social media sites. She also works on other projects such as the collaboration with the JEMSS Project working closely with Salford Business School and other European universities at creating an accredited Masters in Digital Marketing course.

Outside of work she likes to walk her dog Roxie, drink coffee and plan her next adventure. 

Likes: Coffee, Dancing, Travelling, Shoulder rubs,

Dislikes: Onions, Spiders, Being Late, Shots

Kicki Holm

Kicki Holm - Marketing Assistant

Kicki joins the team on a permanent basis after joining us initially as Agency Life Intern. During her internship she loved the hands-on experience of digital marketing.

She has over 2.5 years experience in email marketing and sales and is now looking after our social media accounts, website and participates in all marketing projects within the company.

Outside the office, Kicki studies Marketing Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Likes: Coffee, Travelling, Positivity, Giraffes, Dogs, Funny People

Dislikes: Moaning (unless it's Karl Pilkington), Being Late, Laziness

Steve Allen

Steve Allen - eCommerce Recruitment Consultant

Stevie joined The Candidate recruitment team, after moving from York to Manchester. He comes with over two years experience in digital marketing and events management and has a wealth of knowledge using all media platforms. He's extremely competitive and passionate about placing the best candidate for the top role.

As if he isn't busy enough Stevie also has a passion for music and enjoys music production.  Most recently having his track feature on the Mercedes Benz advert.

Likes: Manchester City, Electronic Music, Films, Snowboarding, Cooking

Dislikes: Traffic, Cats, Negativity, Beans

Megan Cross

Megan Cross - Agency Recruitment Consultant

Megan is our Agency Recruitment Consultant and joins us from a strong media sales background. Her key strength is her ability to build and maintain relationships with key agencies and she is always working hard to deliver and exceed client expectations.

At The Candidate she is committed to delivering tailored client and candidate recruitment services and going the extra mile to ensure the best fit for each role is achieved. 

Likes: The Sea Food Cocktails Festivals Travel

Dislikes: Negativity Cockroaches Mess Sharks Crocs (Shoes)

Isabelle Turner

Isabelle Turner - Candidate Engagement Assistant

Isabelle joined The Candidate last summer as a Digital Marketing Intern whilst studying Marketing at the University of Salford.  After completing her internship, she decided to enhance her knowledge and skill set by joining the CRT department on a part-time basis as a Recruitment Operations Assistant. Now that Isabelle’s graduated, she joins The Candidate full – time as a Candidate Engagement Executive and will work closely with the eCommerce department.  Outside of work, Isabelle likes to shop, spend time with her friends and family and find new cocktail bars!

Likes: Prosecco Sarcasm Dogs Meerkats Chocolate

Dislikes: Bad Manners Spiders Liars Tequila

Leif Radford

Leif Radford - eCommerce Recruitment Consultant

Leif joins The Candidate with over 2 years of experience in Marketing and Design. After reading for a degree in English, he utilised his strong analytical skills to gain invaluable insight and hands-on experience within the world of eCommerce.

As one of six brothers, he’s used to having to compete for everything he wants. He is also perceptive and has a keen eye for detail, which enables him to notice things others often overlook. Therefore, he hopes the combination of his competitive spirit and skills of deduction will give him an edge when it comes to searching for those elusive top performing candidates.

Outside of the office Leif enjoys putting his boots on and exploring nature or having a few drinks and dancing (probably badly) in a bar with his friends.

Likes: Comedy, 80’s Music, Open-Mindedness, Forests and Mexican Food

Dislikes: An Empty Wine Glass, Spiders, Nuts and Tequila